How Much Does the Pope Make?

Although being Pope is a big responsibility and requires of much time, devotion, and work. The work of the Pope is the work of God. There is no salary assigned to the pope, the monthly expenses of the pope are all covered by the Curia funds. The compensation for being a Pope for a year is of 1 gold coin, 1 silver coin and 1 copper coin. These are not received by the Pope on life but are awarded after his death and all the coins earned during his papacy are placed inside the Popes coffin.

Salaries within the Catholic Church

Although the Pope does not receive a salary, other positions of the Catholic Church do. Being a priest is one of the most significant jobs in the Catholic Churches all around the world, and these men are compensated with a net income of about 25,000 dollars a year, and this is the base salary for a newly ordained priest as after a certain amount of years and experience the salary of a priest can become up to 44,417 dollars a year. It has been sated that a few priests in specific countries can make up to 75,355 dollars a year.

Salaries for Cardinals within the Catholic Church

The Cardinals of the Catholic Church have been known to make a good sum of money a year, it is said that the lowest salary for a Cardinal is of 34,618 dollars a year, while the average income of Cardinals around different regions is of about 71,214 dollars a year. The highest sum received by a Cardinal has been stated to be of 146,497 dollars a year.   Cardinals are entitled to a compensation of a Cardinals plate which is set to be worth 5,000 euros on average and is meant to cover all of the Cardinals expenses.

The Vatican Bank

Though Popes have no set income, the Vatican does have a bank, the full movement of money in the Vatican is said to be of about 64 billion dollars. Though there are no specifics as to who is accounted for this wealth, the bank does own 764 million dollars in equity. Considering the only citizens of the Vatican are members of the church, technically this wealth is attributed to the Catholic Church. The Vatican Bank has said to have closed nearly 4,000 bank accounts after accusations of money laundering over the past few years. Furthermore, the Vatican Banks has been speculated to keep reserves of up to 20 million dollars’ worth in gold.

The Assets Belonging to the Catholic Church

If we consider the Catholic Church as a company, that would make the Pope the CEO of the Catholic Church company. The Church is said to have 8 billion dollars in assets, meaning that the pope would have 8 billion dollars at his disposal. But since the Catholic Church is not a company, the Pope does not handle the sum of money that the Catholic Church is worth, they have staff in place to look after the numerous assets of the church including their banks, real estate holdings and other assets. Here is a closer look at the wealth of the Catholic Church.

The Papal Salary

Although the Pope does not receive a salary, he is said to receive millions of dollars a year for his personal use, much like the Royal Families throughout Europe and around the world. This is not directly awarded by the Catholic Church or the Vatican City. Rather from contributions and donations.

Saint Peter’s Pence, is known to be a way for the Vatican to charge taxes, in the US, a voluntary payment is made of one penny from every household, considering the large population of Catholics in the US, the sum made by the Vatican just by the US is set to be large.  Bear in mind that there are nearly 1.2 billion Catholics around the world and this sum can add up rather quickly.


The Vatican makes an income as well from tourists, as they charge nearly 16 euros per tickets, and the tourism to the Vatican City has been said to have increased since Pope Francis was elected back in 2013, in 2017, the Vatican museum alone was said to have received 4.3 million tourists. Accounting the price per ticket this is a high income for the Vatican City.

The current Pope, Pope Francis has made a vow of poverty, he can therefore own no land other than the Vatican City, which he does not own but is rather a custodian for his papacy term. Nevertheless, he does have a pension fund which is said to go as high as to the amount of 24,000 euros per year.

All the money that is raised by the Catholic Church does not go to the Pope, but to charitable actions, and church activities.

I believe this article has given you a clue on Pope’s financial income.

How Old was the Youngest Man Acknowledged by the Vatican as Pope?

How old was the youngest man acknowledged by the Vatican as pope?  Let’s look at what it takes to be the pope and delve a bit into the history to see who the youngest pope was.

The Head of the Church

The pope is the head of the Catholic Church. The pope serves as both the head of the Catholic Church and the head of the Vatican state, to be a pope there are a few steps to follow, and even fewer requirement. The requirements being, to be male and to be an active member of the Catholic Church.   By following these steps, you won’t necessarily become a pope, but to become a pope you do have to follow these steps.

Becoming the Pope

The first step to follow is to become a Catholic, if you were not born in to Catholic faith, the first step will be to convert to the Catholic Church. You will have to be educated, this process is usually done in a kid’s teenage years, and it is called catechism. Then, you have to get baptized, and the final step to become Catholic is to confess to all your sins.

The second is to become a priest, as this will be your lifestyle, it is important that you consider what becoming a priest entail. You can consult your church’s priest, consider your qualities and those needed to be a priest.

Get involved in the church, take more leadership roles within your church, you can start a new youth program, if there isn’t one already, you can gather people to join a church, meet people from other churches, and go to international conferences.


Education is important to the Vatican, they emphasize that all members of the Vatican shall be well educated, starting with a high school diploma and opt to learn a foreign language. You will have to attend a seminary specially taught for potential priests at specific colleges.   It is important for you to find your spiritual journey, you can attend one of many schools to educate you on the Catholic doctrine, but it will be your decision to learn about it, to enroll in the program and to follow all the steps.

Ascending to the Papacy

Once you’ve become a priest, you have to follow your vocation and be a good priest to your church, be responsible, reliable and a good example.  The next step is to become a bishop, for this, you will have to have made a good impression as a priest and reached out to those and need looking for guidance from the church. It is crucial that a bishop has good communication skills and works well with others.  As a bishop, also referred to as pastor you will be the authority of your region. Bishops are chosen by the pope himself. You will have to keep in contact with the archbishop for your region and attend regular Bishop meetings.

Become a cardinal, to do so, you must have been selected by the pope to serve as cardinal to a region with high numbers of Catholic churches, not all regions are assigned a cardinal.  After having become a cardinal, you can be nominated for the next elections, the pope is elected by votes and are to serve as both pope to the Catholic Church and leader of the Vatican.

Having explained all the steps, it takes to become a Pope, who was the youngest to deserve the seat at the Catholic church?

A young boy, born by the name Theophylactus of Tusculum, became pope at the age of 20 (allegedly as his birthdate has not been confirmed) became the youngest pope in the history of the church. He was the nephew of both John XIX and Benedict VIII, who had both served as pope to the Church.

He has not only been named the youngest Pope, but also the worst, as in his time many tried for him to leave the seat as Pope, due to his poor decisions.  Benedict IX, the youngest pope in history served on three different terms, from 1032-1044, from 1045-1045, having served only one month and from 1047-1048.

Having been expelled from Rome the first and second time he served as Pope, he abdicated after his third term, as it is said he wanted to marry his cousin. He later on regretted the decision and returned to Rome and claimed the Throne, nevertheless it was Gregory VI who served as pope even after his return.

In today’s world it would be nearly impossible to become the Pope at such a young age.  During the election process the Cardinals look for someone who it more mature and can offer not just wisdom that comes with age but guidance for the church as well.

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