Picture of How Catholics Can Prevent Lower Back Pain

It is on record that 80% of Americans have back pain. It is also on record that it’s one of the most tendered excuses for absence at work. It is also the leading cause of disability worldwide.

As a Catholic, the back pain that you feel sometimes when you stand to your feet or kneel during mass might just be a little problem. Back pain is not a disease on its own rather it is a symptom arising from a disorder in the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back.

The pain could be sharp and instantaneous or dull persisting pain. The pain can be classified based on the duration of the pain as acute, sub-chronic (Acute sciatica), chronic back pain.

Acute pain is one that lasts for six weeks at most. Sub-chronic back pain lasts between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. While chronic pain lasts for more than 12 weeks. Swelling in the muscles, joints, and discs in the back are causes of back pain.

However, with repetitive lifting, bad posture, turning to twist and maybe kneeling at mass, the pain can become worse. As a Catholic, there are few things that you can do to prevent back pain. First, you should know that back pain is something that can be prevented.

One way to prevent this problem is to identify its root cause. The pain as felt by many people could have a similar description but the root cause could be different.

After you might have found out what the cause of the pain bothering you is, here are a few things that you can do to prevent back pain.

11 Major Ways To Prevent Back Pain

1. Be Careful With Your Exercise:

You might want to cut down a little on your exercise routine. Only take part in activities that do not cause strain on your back. You might also want to do away with the heavy lifting for a while as well. If you must lift something, make sure that your legs do the work. Do not turn or twist while doing it.

2. Correct Posture:

Asides cutting down on your exercise, you should also correct your posture as that might be the issue. Make sure you always stand straight.

While standing, try not to slouch. Make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position. If you must stand for long, rest your feet on a low footstool for a while. Alternate the feet at intervals to get some stress off your back.

3. Sit Down The Right Way:

When sitting down, sit with armrest, swivel base and with lower back support. Place a pillow around your back as well so your back can maintain its natural curve. Also, ensure that you keep your knees at hip level and make sure to change position frequently.

4. Kneel Properly:

When kneeling during mass, make sure that your back is upright as well. Also, you might want to change your bed to one that offers you enough comfort at night. Make sure you get enough amount of sleep.

5. Keep Healthy Weight:

One reason why you may be finding it hard to correct your posture might be your weight. Eating healthy and cutting off some weight might also help you in ensuring the right posture. Maintaining a healthy weight will also help you reduce the stress on your back.

6. Healthy Lifestyle:

Consequently, ensure that you wear the right type of shoes. To alleviate your pain, everything that you do should be directed towards comfort. As such, your shoes should be selected such that they do not add stress to your back.

Shoes that have an impact on your spine or that have an impact on your posture should be avoided until you get better.  You should avoid smoking as it might prevent relieve and cause more pain.

7. Take Drugs:

You can also take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation just in case you feel a lot of pain. You can take muscle relaxants to reduce the muscle spasm that might cause continuous pain. You might also take steroid spine injections to reduce sciatica pain.

8. Use Ice and Heat:

Furthermore, you can make use of Ice and heat to your advantage. You might want to place an ice pack on the spot for 20 minutes, 4 to 5 times daily. A hot bath might also help within three days of noticing the pain in your back, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

9. Work on Stress:

Stress could also have some adverse impacts on how much pain you feel. So, in a bid to prevent back pain, you might want to manage stress better. Make sure that you handle work and family so well that it gives you little or no stress at all.

10. Physical Therapy:

If the pain lasts more than two weeks, you might want to go through physical therapy. Usually, most patients get better in about a month or two. The therapy sessions could be twice or thrice in a week depending on how you want it and how severe your case is to your physiotherapist.

11. Prayers:

Moreover, as a Catholic experiencing pain in the back, you should also pray. Observing all these said with prayers will get you to relieve.  The Catholic Saint of pain is Saint Gemma Galgani, referring to her short pain-filled life here on earth.

You can ask that she obtains mercy with her merits and grants you favor in the sights of God. Referring to her passion, ask that she prays for you. Ask that God grants you the grace to see you through the pain.


You should have in mind that the pain in your back is not a disease. It is rather a sign that you have been doing something wrong for your body. To get over this condition, all you need to do is keep an open mind.

Find out what is wrong and correct it appropriately in line with what you have read. Also, say your prayers regularly and you will be relieved.