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How Catholics Can Prevent Lower Back Pain

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It is on record that 80% of Americans have back pain. It is also on record that it’s one of the most tendered excuses for absence at work. It is also the leading cause of disability worldwide.

As a Catholic, the back pain that you feel sometimes when you stand to your feet or kneel during mass might just be a little problem. Back pain is not a disease on its own rather it is a symptom arising from a disorder in the muscles, nerves, and bones of the back.

The pain could be sharp and instantaneous or dull persisting pain. The pain can be classified based on the duration of the pain as acute, sub-chronic (Acute sciatica), chronic back pain.

Acute pain is one that lasts for six weeks at most. Sub-chronic back pain lasts between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. While chronic pain lasts for more than 12 weeks. Swelling in the muscles, joints, and discs in the back are causes of back pain.

However, with repetitive lifting, bad posture, turning to twist and maybe kneeling at mass, the pain can become worse. As a Catholic, there are few things that you can do to prevent back pain. First, you should know that back pain is something that can be prevented.

One way to prevent this problem is to identify its root cause. The pain as felt by many people could have a similar description but the root cause could be different.

After you might have found out what the cause of the pain bothering you is, here are a few things that you can do to prevent back pain.

11 Major Ways To Prevent Back Pain

1. Be Careful With Your Exercise:

You might want to cut down a little on your exercise routine. Only take part in activities that do not cause strain on your back. You might also want to do away with the heavy lifting for a while as well. If you must lift something, make sure that your legs do the work. Do not turn or twist while doing it.

2. Correct Posture:

Asides cutting down on your exercise, you should also correct your posture as that might be the issue. Make sure you always stand straight.

While standing, try not to slouch. Make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position. If you must stand for long, rest your feet on a low footstool for a while. Alternate the feet at intervals to get some stress off your back.

3. Sit Down The Right Way:

When sitting down, sit with armrest, swivel base and with lower back support. Place a pillow around your back as well so your back can maintain its natural curve. Also, ensure that you keep your knees at hip level and make sure to change position frequently.

4. Kneel Properly:

When kneeling during mass, make sure that your back is upright as well. Also, you might want to change your bed to one that offers you enough comfort at night. Make sure you get enough amount of sleep.

5. Keep Healthy Weight:

One reason why you may be finding it hard to correct your posture might be your weight. Eating healthy and cutting off some weight might also help you in ensuring the right posture. Maintaining a healthy weight will also help you reduce the stress on your back.

6. Healthy Lifestyle:

Consequently, ensure that you wear the right type of shoes. To alleviate your pain, everything that you do should be directed towards comfort. As such, your shoes should be selected such that they do not add stress to your back.

Shoes that have an impact on your spine or that have an impact on your posture should be avoided until you get better.  You should avoid smoking as it might prevent relieve and cause more pain.

7. Take Drugs:

You can also take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation just in case you feel a lot of pain. You can take muscle relaxants to reduce the muscle spasm that might cause continuous pain. You might also take steroid spine injections to reduce sciatica pain.

8. Use Ice and Heat:

Furthermore, you can make use of Ice and heat to your advantage. You might want to place an ice pack on the spot for 20 minutes, 4 to 5 times daily. A hot bath might also help within three days of noticing the pain in your back, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

9. Work on Stress:

Stress could also have some adverse impacts on how much pain you feel. So, in a bid to prevent back pain, you might want to manage stress better. Make sure that you handle work and family so well that it gives you little or no stress at all.

10. Physical Therapy:

If the pain lasts more than two weeks, you might want to go through physical therapy. Usually, most patients get better in about a month or two. The therapy sessions could be twice or thrice in a week depending on how you want it and how severe your case is to your physiotherapist.

11. Prayers:

Moreover, as a Catholic experiencing pain in the back, you should also pray. Observing all these said with prayers will get you to relieve.  The Catholic Saint of pain is Saint Gemma Galgani, referring to her short pain-filled life here on earth.

You can ask that she obtains mercy with her merits and grants you favor in the sights of God. Referring to her passion, ask that she prays for you. Ask that God grants you the grace to see you through the pain.


You should have in mind that the pain in your back is not a disease. It is rather a sign that you have been doing something wrong for your body. To get over this condition, all you need to do is keep an open mind.

Find out what is wrong and correct it appropriately in line with what you have read. Also, say your prayers regularly and you will be relieved.

Top Christian Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Picture of Top Christian Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Affiliate programs are consistently becoming a lucrative means of earning money for bloggers. About 87% of bloggers in the US and not less than 82% in the UK earn cash through Christian affiliate programs.

Currently, there are hundreds of online Christian sites that run an affiliate program. Below are the top 10 Christian Affiliate programs that will fetch you reasonable earning and due recognition on your blog.

Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

1) Ignatius Press

Ignatius Press has been a leading bookseller of Catholic tenets. They specialize in selling Orthodox Catholic items at a low cost, including books, magazines, art, and music.

The Ignatius Press Affiliate Program enables you to make money just by having their banners and links to your web site. Immediately you link to Ignatius Press, you gain the benefits of Ignatius’ name recognition to upgrade your site and multiply your earnings.

Through Commission Junction, you are provided with unlimited access to your sales results. You will also be entitled to receive a monthly commission check each time you earn more than $25.00.

Affiliates will be able to take advantage of feature items, promotions, sales and more to share with their viewers. There is a 10% commission on every purchase made through your site and their superior customer service provides affiliates with the basic information needed for success.

2) Worship Guitar Class

This is an online guitar class, owned by Jean Welles. Videos are made to teach how to play the guitar and other musical instruments and to do it to worship God. You can earn multiple incomes with little or no cost or obligation on your part as a blogger.

For just affiliating to, you are sure to get paid referral fees on every CD, music tapes, video and E-book sold. You are rewarded with a 20% commission on all videos and E-book made by Jean Welles and 10% on other products sold.

You also earn as much as 5% on all sub referral orders; even if the site was visited by someone with no purchase but still revisit and purchase within 2 years. Also, to been easy to set up, you are given access to track your earnings in real-time.

3) Kerusso

Kerusso is a leading Christian apparel company, designing original faith-based Christian T-shirts, jewelry, gifts, and more. Our products have been inspiring millions of believers around the globe for the past 30years.

Their mission is to share the Good News through the production T-shirts, jewelry, and gifts that reference Jesus. As an affiliate of Kerusso, you can earn a 20% commission on all sales, providing excellent customer service to consumers.

Kerusso is partners with avantlink, who helps to manage their affiliate program. Affiliates are given full access to tracking tools and marketing materials. They offer a 45-day cookie length and ensure that their product data feed is updated daily.

4) Bible Belles

Bible Belles is a multimedia publishing company dedicated to changing girls’ lives through the female heroes of the Bible such as Esther, Deborah, Abigail, Ruth, and Hannah.

With their best selling children’s book, parents can easily train their daughters to embrace their true worth by leading them to understand their purpose in life, seek the true definition of beauty, and understand the love of God.

Using ShareASale to run their affiliate program, you can earn up to 15% commission on all sales. Affiliates have access to a wide range of marketing materials and tracking tools, which includes videos, paid post,  social media ads and many more.

With different kid books and series to select from, affiliates will be able to easily make multiple earnings from sales commission and referrals.

5) Dayspring

Established in 1971, DaySpring has become the largest and biggest publisher and distributor of Christian greeting cards and is also a leading force in the provision of Christian home décor, gifts, jewelry and more.

They are specialists in the Christian faith-based and family-friendly markets with a large brand presence in Christian and numerous retail stores in the United States.

Dayspring provides a very high competitive baseline commission of at least 13%, with constant bonuses on sales and reward for top-performing affiliates.

Affiliates can also choose the right content from the available banners and creative text links for their customers and optimize earnings per click. They also have promo codes only available for affiliates along with a monthly report with a sneak-peek into incoming offers.

6) American Bible Society

Founded in 1816 with the vision of making Bibles available for all persons in diverse languages and formats. American Bible Society has focused on publication, distribution, and translation of Bibles for the reach of as many people as possible.

You can find Bibles translated to English, Spanish and over 80 languages on their site, including Bibles for different ages and purposes. To become their affiliate, you have to join ShareASale and apply for American Bible society affiliate.

You can have as much as a 10% commission on sales and referrals. Affiliates have the privilege of earning generously through the different marketing materials available on the ABS site.

Their committed affiliates management crew helps to give the necessary information needed to be an achiever. They also provide free shipping in the US on products worth over $150.

7) Faithbox

Faithbox provides a monthly subscription service, which delivers a box of daily devotional books, topic-based scriptures, daily bible study materials, and many others.

Inside each box is  3 meals to underprivileged kids through their non-profit partners. Joining their affiliate program will enable you to have huge impacts on lives who seem to be giving up on their faith.

Their affiliate program is managed by  ShareASale and you get a $10 flat-rate commission for each Faithbox subscriber that joins after clicking through their link on your site with bonuses on sales.

8) Covenant Eyes

About 20years ago, Covenant Eyes was founded by its CEO, Ron DeHass. He aims to provide a platform that equips people with tools needed for protection and to encourage accountability and trust in the fight against Internet temptation.

They provide educational and empowering materials to people who had cases of internet misconduct. Aside from earning extra income, affiliates become teachers and promoters of internet integrity.

You are provided with different resources that will help you to teach your audience about the advantages of accountability and the dangers of pornography.

They give you an ID that you can include with their banners and textual links, this helps them to track people that sign up through your site. You also receive a 20% commission on every new signup.

9) Christian Book

This is a leading retailer of Christian books, videos, audios, e-book, and other materials. The aim is to communicate the truth of the Bible and to help people apply this truth in everyday living.

Their brand name is recognizable anywhere in the US, and with over 500,000 products, affiliates will have multiple earning through highly competitive fees, commission, and bonuses.

They have dedicated staff members who will provide help on any issue and help you to be successful. Once you join the Christian book affiliate, you will be provided with visible and easy to upload graphics and links.

Their product selection is also designed to help visitors buy their products of choice and also regularly sends you reports that help makes profitable marketing efforts.

10) Jerusalem Gift Shop

Owned and operated by Christian and Jewish believers in Yeshua, the shop is the biggest and most referred online Christian sellers of gifts directly from Jerusalem.

Their vision is to bring believers close to Israel as well as strengthening and supporting the believer’s community residing in the land. The Jerusalem Gift Shop provides its affiliates with a variety of banners and text links that you can position anywhere on your site.

When subscribers join The Jerusalem Gift Shop affiliate and they click on any of the links, they will be redirected to their website where the activities of the user will be tracked. There is a 15% pay per sale for a customer’s first order with 10% on such subsequent purchase.

They also give special access to the admin page where all your sales, purchases, commissions and activities can be easily tracked by yourself. Withdrawing your money is also easy as that can be done using PayPal services.

Other Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Making money through your blog is about serving your audience with valuable and relevant products.

These are four of the best ways your blog can be monetized aside what affiliate marketers do;

  • Promote and sell products and services that interest your site visitors through sponsored posts.
  • Run ads that bring more audiences to your sites.
  • Promote and sell products and services through affiliate marketing, this will ensure that your audience gets satisfied by visiting your site.
  • Creating and selling your products will also fetch you extra cash.

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