Historical Sites In Hilton Head Island

historic-sites-hilton-head-cemetaryNow Hilton Head Island is famous for its luxurious hotels, lush gardens,perfect golf course, several restaurants, and shops. But a few years back it was famous for its rich history and culture.

This beautiful island located in South Carolina attracts a large number of tourist people every year because of its rich attractions and historic value. Many realtors offer fantastic rental and vacation homes in South Carolina (SC) so you must choose the right firm that has rich experience in the real estate industry.

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This article explains the rich culture and history of the important places. Don’t forget to check that when you visit the island next time.

The Coastal Discovery Museum is the first spot to visit on this island. It is situated on a wonderfully conserved forest acre. It reveals the cultural and natural history of this island starting from the Native Americans during the resort boom period in 1960 and 1970s before the Europeans settled in this island. You can study how to make traditional sweetgrass baskets by the Gullah community of this island. You can explore historic forts and understand the history of the Revolutionary War on the Hilton Head Island.

You can explore Gullah culture tour. The Gullah community has been formed from the incarcerated West Africans who harvested and cultivated the Sea Islands Cotton. Since the Sea Islands were inaccessible before the civil war and after several decades of the freedom, it is only reachable by boat, so the younger generation of the enslaved people developed their own culture that protects their African heritage such as literature, cuisine, dialect, folklore, etc.

The Gullah culture tour contains some of the favorite sites, offering you an opportunity to learn the life of Gullah community on this island before the island has changed into a destination place rich with resorts and bridges. Food is an important part of any community including Gullah community. Visit Dye’s Gullah Fixin’s restaurant to taste some of the real traditional Lowcountry dishes, both in terms of ingredients and techniques. Reservation is a must in this restaurant for dinner.

Before the Hilton Head Island beaches were spotted with vacation homes and resorts, it was spotted with forts. The location and size of the fort were strategically significant for safeguarding the South Carolina Mainland. Four Forts were built in the Civil War. Fort Mitchel is the remaining of Civil War earthen fort and Fort Howell too.

The Harbor Town lighthouse was not constructed as a lighthouse. It was built with the aim of attracting tourist people when this island was developed initially as a resort destination. But now it has transformed into the history of Hilton Head Island. From the top of the lighthouse, you can see the fantastic view of the island and the opportunity to view the historic places. The Sea Pines Forest Reserve in Hilton Head Island has a long and colorful history.